zaterdag 17 december 2016

Swiss WAW 1.97m, carbon, Supernova

Julien is now riding his Extra Long carbon WAW back to Switzerland. We fit the beautiful Supernova e-bike light instead of the normal Busch & Müller high beam. The foot hole was cut out further to the front to fit his size 47 shoes. Julien will make a custom aero foot hole cover.

The difference in height against the Quattrovelo is a little exaggerated in this photo as the QV is standing higher. The cruising light is the top one, high beam is the lower SuperNova. Its light beam is impressively powerful and well shaped.

Julien's mascot, on top of WAW316. Not called "Orange Carrot" but 'Le Suppo de Satan' which has the double meaning of a bigot in french. As we rode home to my place, the first yell was "What the F*ck!", which was less practical. Second was "Suppo?!", so that will probably stick. 

Long tail with nicely integrated tail light and brake light.

The foot hole was cut out 12 cm to accommodate large foot size ('pointure' in french sounds so much more refined, doesn't it?). Also see the mixed carbon-kevlar fiber, just like in the old times of WAW1. This way we can add some crash protection to an otherwise full carbon WAW.