vrijdag 23 december 2016

Te Koop / For Sale: WAW272 eWAW (SOLD)

For sale, from private customer: WAW272 eWAW, 406km, december 2015.

Green, Kevlar nose and body, Rohloff, e-assist LiFePO4, full lighting 12V:
the perfect long distance, 4 season, high speed and safe commuter.

This eWAW is abolutely flawless.

Fietser.be e-assist with customized Bafang bracket motor, alu display, 36V10Ah LiFePO4 battery, 60T front, Rohloff Speedhub rear... did I mention 406 km?
Indicators, rear and brake light, reflective strip.

... flawless...

New price December 2015: 10.838 €
Now: 8.838 €  VAT included, non deductible
Available Now at Fietser.be Shop, Gent

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