donderdag 25 september 2014

Velomobile goodness

Trailer hitch, removable panniers for a large work helmet, girlfriend flag, additional brake light, new high torque bracket motor with custom milled chainwheel...

dinsdag 23 september 2014

Old WAW031 off to Barcelona, Spain

After a life in Ireland, WAW031 has got a thorough rebuild and facelift. I' m very proud that all 220 WAWs ever built, are still in working condition. Long live carbon-kevlar!

zondag 14 september 2014

Gent fietst

Car-free day in Gent.
Thanks to Veerle, Mattias, Evelien, Franky, Natasha, Jan, Paul, Ronny, it was an intense, gratifying day.

donderdag 4 september 2014

Family picture with Kokua kid's bike

SRAM automatix 2 gear hub is a dream for children's bikes.
This is the 16" version. on ECOPOLIS expo by Greenpeace

Greenpeace organised an exhibition about sustainable living at the Belgian coast, this summer.

 Here's our Fietser "Gantoise", an electric Practical Urban Commuter. Stiff low step-through frame with integrated front rack, bamboo plywood, balloon tires for cobblestones and tram rails, cruiser handlebars, leather handles, hydraulic or mechanical front V-brake, rear Rollerbrake. The Bafang bracket motor is very subtle and adjustable. 

Custom built by, limited edition now available, human powered, front wheel hub motor or middle motor.

 The proto WAW in all its glory.
Wow it's got a Rohloff and all.

Officials wondering what that mysterious sticker means.

 Some proud people. 

The mysterious object behind the aforementioned people.

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