zaterdag 18 juli 2015

Never too old for a velomobile.

My last job before the summer holidays was a ride to the P&O ferry terminal in Zeebrugge. This pretty hybrid Orca was delivered to an 83 year old gentleman from the UK.
George is an ex pilot who rode a Quest for five years. His knee joints demanded an e-assist upgrade and he came to Ghent to buy an eWAW. Since he had very long legs, entry and exit of the WAW were a bit difficult. The Orca, we thought, was a better choice.
Since there is a waiting list of almost a year, there are enough Orcas here for test rides, and the velomobile is his main means of transportation, we agreed to sell our demo Orca.

I shouldn't, since it is my business, but I realised I was sad to let it go. After a good half year of regularly riding it I must say the Orca is truly the pinnacle of bicycle evolution. She's refined, reliable, and overall just more relaxed than the eWAW: it became my favourite vehicle for short to medium distance rides. It's nice and easy to hop in and not worry about anything, it just brings you to your destination, all fun and no fuss. If the WAW is a Hayabusa, the Orca is the Goldwing of cycles.