vrijdag 6 januari 2017

2 x 2 x 55km bike commute.

We built up two eWAWs in carbon and kevlar respectively, for two colleagues in the military.

They're both covering 110 km a day. Plus... some guys actually get paid for sports! ROI breakeven point should be under a year.


woensdag 4 januari 2017

For Sale / Te Koop: WAW150 Rohloff 3.999 € + VAT.

We refurbished this Rohloff WAW with a new 12V integrated lighting system. New Philips Saferide 80 lux, LED rear lights and indicators, extra light mount for redundant strobe light.
Approximately 10.000 km, we don't know for sure.
This WAW150 was bought (exceptionally) by us from an upgrading customer in an exchange scheme. We refurbished it completely as a long term loaner but we now have a recent WAW4 for that. 

This has an important consequence: VAT is deductible for Belgian or European companies.

New Kevlar nose / shock absorber, original one was damaged.  This is a good solid WAW for a starter. The initial cost is low, after a year of learning it can be repainted.

The Rohloff is the best transmission to fit a new Fietser.be e-assist (+- 1850 €), now or later.
WAW canopy (with  new visor) and cover.
Two Colour paint job.
Interior clad in acoustic felt.
Rohloff Speedhub 14sp.
ICE soft neck rest.
Integrated lighting: 
  • daylight driving lights in mirrors, 
  • LED rear lights, 
  • indicators, 
  • Philips Saferide front light. 
  • 12V 70Wh battery (WAW, Orca) and charger.
New price: 9200 € November 2012
Now: 3999 ex VAT, 4839 € VATin.  

We can ship worldwide.


Te Koop / For Sale: RAW III (WAW086) (SOLD!)



This is a fantastic barn find: a rare and wonderful RAW: ultralight yet in Kevlar so it's perfect for long distance touring with the safety of a WAW. Hydraulic disk brakes, ultralight components for the steering and suspension, 10sp Dura Ace group, ...

 I may be biased a little but this is the prettiest velomobile in existence, and possibly the most efficient as well.
Tektro symmetrical hydraulic disk brakes. Aluminium suspension.
 Ultralight laminate, carbon and aluminium steering.

Built in Belgium by our master builder Ben himself. The texture, feel and sound of the composite is unique.
As you can see, this RAW is practically unused. The owner bought it to alleviate a back problem but his health deteriorated and he never got around to training in it. She's still on her first set of Kojaks so I estimate she's done 1-3000 km only. Absolutely flawless.

However fresh it is, due to its age the price is set to 5300 €. Even if a current WAW4 could be built as light and responsive, with these specs it would cost at least 10.000 €. If I were to ride only one velomobile, this is the one I would have wanted when I was 15 years younger. With disk brakes and an expensive transmission and ultralight structure, this velo isn't made for the commuting grunt work, but rather for fast touring and travelling.

Originally set up for 1.89m, now +- 1.75m. 
Original specifications (2009)


Vernis op carbon MAT0,50 kg320,00 €10,5320,00 €264,46 €

S&S: aluminium rods, high precision stainless rod ends.B1,30 kg240,00 €11,3240,00 €198,35 €

S&S: ultralight mix of hollow tubes, h.p.s. rod ends.C0,80 kg500,00 €

2 x Front wheel covers Carbon0,17 kg150,00 €10,17150,00 €123,97 €

Shimano 10spd Dura-Ace Top shifter -ultegra 53/39 kapotbike 172.52,20 kg680,00 €12,2680,00 €561,98 €

CS-7800 (11-23)

Waw without pedals
-35,00 €10-35,00 €-28,93 €

Rear Tire Schwalbe Kojac 26"x1,35 / 35-559 - blazing.0,30 kg15,00 €10,315,00 €12,40 €

2 x Front Tire Schwalbe Kojac 20"x1.35 / 35-406 - current fastest.0,46 kg40,00 €10,4640,00 €33,06 €

3 x Alligt return idlers (with cog)0,18 kg0,00 €10,1770,00 €0,00 €

2 x Alligt power idlers (with cog)0,12 kg0,00 €10,1180,00 €0,00 €

Cordo Agena rear light incl holder0,09 kg0,00 €10,090,00 €0,00 €

Sigma Pro-set Powerled Black incl holders (interne batt)0,64 kg80,00 €21,28160,00 €132,23 €

0,00 €100,00 €0,00 €

2x Mirrors Busch & Müller Cycle Star 901 (long)
0,00 €100,00 €0,00 €

Shimano WH817122 (32spokes)1,20 kg40,00 €11,240,00 €33,06 €

Pump Topeak Mountain Morph0,25 kg35,00 €10,2535,00 €28,93 €

Tools Kit: Topeak Super chain tool + Allen keys Toolbar + wr. 10/130,13 kg38,50 €10,1338,50 €31,82 €

airzound0,20 kg25,00 €10,225,00 €20,66 €

Total price with 21% VAT8.158,50 €7.342,65 €

dinsdag 3 januari 2017

For Sale / Te koop: eWAW III: WAW168 (SOLD)

Flowered by Thomas, powered by you.
Cyclone motor on the pedals and a Rohloff!.

10.488 km. All in perfect condition, maintenance and thorough checkup by Fietser.be. The right wheel disk is unwrapped, I propose to add carbon wheel disks. 

10,488 km dus de Rohloff is net ingereden. In perfecte conditie, na onderhoud en volledige checkup door Fietser.be.
This is a good commuting machine for essentially human powered transport, with a good powerful uphill assist. Many customers upgrade to the gentler, more constant e-assist based on the Bafang, so the current 24V LiFePO4 battery and Cyclone motor are not taken into account in the price. The Rohloff is just broken in.

Price: 5500,00 €  4900,00 €
Options: Opties:
Cyclone e-assist, 24V15Ah LiFePO4 batt.
Rohloff Speedhub 14 gears
Interior completely clad with acoustic felt!
SPAI ventilation hole
Hoofdsteun / neck rest
Boordverlichting / On board lighting
Aerodeksel voetengat / foot hole aerocover
High beam /Verstraler 1000 lumen

De nieuwprijs in 2013 was 10,754,90 €, nu voor minder dan 5000 €. Waarom? In principe wordt er voor batterijen buiten garantie niet gerekend, en ook de Cyclone motor is overtroefd door het nieuwe systeem van Fietser.be, op basis van een Bafang. Je kan deze 'uphill assist' dus een tijd uitproberen en je hebt alvast een onverwoestbare Kevlar WAW met Rohloff om al dan niet te upgraden.
Het rechterwieldeksel heeft nog geen folie, een koppel carbon wielschijven ware m.i. nog mooier. Verder alles OK. Staat op lengte 1,75m.

 Some people seem put off by the flower print and the light saber. The printed foil can be taken off easily. For your convenience I include a few pics of an equivalent WAW to show what it looks like underneath (without the speed stripe):

vrijdag 23 december 2016

Te Koop / For Sale: WAW272 eWAW (SOLD)

For sale, from private customer: 

WAW272 eWAW, 406km, december 2015.

Green, Kevlar nose and body, Rohloff, e-assist LiFePO4, full lighting 12V:
the perfect long distance, 4 season, high speed and safe commuter.

This eWAW is abolutely flawless.

Fietser.be e-assist with customized Bafang bracket motor, alu display, 36V10Ah LiFePO4 battery, 60T front, Rohloff Speedhub rear... did I mention 406 km?
Indicators, rear and brake light, reflective strip.

... flawless...

New price December 2015: 10.838 €
Now: 8.838 €  VAT included, non deductible
Available Now at Fietser.be Shop, Gent

(NL, Eng, Fr, D)

Bullitt cargo bike with Fietser.be e-assist

Fietser.be Zelda, Larry vs Harry Bullitt, Fietser.be Gantoise, VelodeVille.

Small and very, VERY stiff.

Discrete, silent but powerful, this motor is fantastic.
A cargo bike with aluminium frame? Looking good anyway.
Study for a new project: bracket motor as a mid motor to a Rohloff, for a lady who needs an extremely narrow q-factor.

zaterdag 17 december 2016

Swiss WAW 1.97m, carbon, Supernova

Julien is now riding his Extra Long carbon WAW back to Switzerland. We fit the beautiful Supernova e-bike light instead of the normal Busch & Müller high beam. The foot hole was cut out further to the front to fit his size 47 shoes. Julien will make a custom aero foot hole cover.

The difference in height against the Quattrovelo is a little exaggerated in this photo as the QV is standing higher. The cruising light is the top one, high beam is the lower SuperNova. Its light beam is impressively powerful and well shaped.

Julien's mascot, on top of WAW316. Not called "Orange Carrot" but 'Le Suppo de Satan' which has the double meaning of a bigot in french. As we rode home to my place, the first yell was "What the F*ck!", which was less practical. Second was "Suppo?!", so that will probably stick. 

Long tail with nicely integrated tail light and brake light.

The foot hole was cut out 12 cm to accommodate large foot size ('pointure' in french sounds so much more refined, doesn't it?). Also see the mixed carbon-kevlar fiber, just like in the old times of WAW1. This way we can add some crash protection to an otherwise full carbon WAW.

dinsdag 13 december 2016

New wind deflector

We have been testing out iterations of a new system to keep your (cycling) glasses as dry as possible. The new wind deflector is put forward of the canopy and fixed with industrial suction cups. At speed, it guides wind and rain drops over the line of sight.

Riding through pouring rain with nothing in between you and the horizon, and to see the droplets 'magically' be yanked up above your head is... awesome. It does a good job keeping the wind out of your eyes and off your head, while the canopy keeps your head warm, so you don't have to wear silly hats anymore. Anything for the street credibility of velomobiles.

This is how the WAW canopy works: 

You look UNDER the large visor,
and OVER the small deflector,
So you keep a clear line of sight on the horizon. 

Incoming air is slowed down by the larger section of the canopy (warm).
New and improved:
Air and water is lifted up by the deflector (dry)


So yes you have to look under the visor. It's an application of Bernoulli's principle. Nothing is in front of you, yet air is slowed by simple alteration of volume. This is why the WAW cabrio canopy works so much better than the motorcycle style visor we used to make for the WAW1 and 2. That and the leaking from the top of course. It's not understood very well by the public, even by velomobile pro's, but also by our WAW riders themselves. To add injury to bad sight, if the canopy's too low, the screws on top of the large visor can hit your head...
Most of the rain is kept out but at speed rain tends to fall in an almost horizontal way, and when riding slowly, raindrops burst on the top and form a mist that's not too uncomfortable, but ruin your vision with glasses quickly. People without glasses don't seem to mind a bit of water mist, it's actually a good coolant.

Inside the head hole, extending the kevlar deflector, was a smaller, adjustable visor. This is the summer visor, and it's intended to use without the canopy. The summer visor creates a still bubble of air for the head, instead of the canopy. Combining them doesn't make much sense. If it rains your view is blocked by droplets on the polycarbonate (or fog from your breath), the viewing slit becomes too small for comfort, and you have to quickly tear off the summer visor.

The cover of the WAW used to slide forward for entry and city riding, attaching magnetically to the body. This possibility was lost with the aluminium hinges invented by Katanga, but the pivoting function was so much improved that the sliding wasn't missed much. This allows us to put a deflector further forward on the body itself. That would keep out the mist, as well as deflect the horizontal rain upward, over the gap we actually look through. It has to be low enough to look over because here too our view is blocked when wet. Thanks to the industrial suction cups we could experiment with different locations and angles. 

 Rider's view on the horizon over the front deflector.

The combination of the forward deflector and canopy in heavy rain and at speed is amazing. It just works so much better than you'd expect from such a simple setup. From the rider's perspective it looks like a virtual windscreen in between the two actual visors. No windscreen wipers, no droplets or fogging blocking your view. Your face, and glasses, stay reasonably dry, I'd say the new WAW canopy stops 95% of the water. Success from a velomobilist standpoint, maybe still disappointing for automobile standards.

The start is actually the worst part. Droplets on the large visor roll off as soon as you start riding, then the wind blows them rearward and inside, onto your chest, this is mildly annoying when you're not warmed up. Perhaps it will be enough to tick the visor with a finger before starting. Or perhaps we can use a foam insert like the Orca.

On nonWAWs

The deflector works best in team with the WAWs canopy. On a cabrio WAW, or other heads-out velomobiles, adding the deflector alone is easy and at least protects your eyes and ears. I certainly cannot miss it on the Quest and Quattrovelo. 
It works really well with a Flevobike roof. The sides are more open, which can be good or bad. The Bernoulli effect is clearly noticeable, and the rain deflector keeps out almost all rain.
It could make the racing caps with motorcycle visors more userfriendly: leaving the visor open partially, taping up the top, and lifting water and air up before the gap.


The difference with our old summer visor is that we used to velcro that one to the Kevlar deflector part of the cover. It's important it's adjustable to the millimetre. The still air bubble has to be just high enough to protect your eyes an ears. If the air bubble is too high, your forehead warms up so quickly you will explode. Unfortunately in the WAW4 we sort of lost the adaptability and quick removal of the deflector.

The new deflector isn't adjustable on the fly either, it's a bit of work to loosen the suction cups.  Maybe we can set it up just in front of the head hole so it acts like the old deflector reasonably well. So you'd have a summer and a winter position and angle of the same deflector. Time will tell but I think the two will be valuable. 

 Some different sizes and models of the deflector: Orca, Quattrovelo, WAW, Quest.

We have some hand made ones tested and available for Orca, Quattrovelo, WAW, Quest, Strada, ... Some 30 customers are testing out various versions at the moment. Too bad we hear the least from the most successful ones. We'll have them water jet cut later on.

They cost 35 € a piece. I'll publish the drawings for the different velomobile models some time, once you understand the principles you can make your own. Transparency is nice but not mandatory. The suction cups are not easy to find, we got them initially from Velomobielonderdelen.nl. 

If anyone can think of a gracious way of adjusting the visor's height, pray tell...