vrijdag 27 september 2019

For sale / Te koop: Quest XS QXS120: 3400 €! (Sold to Tomas, Sweden)

For sale: a young but optically damaged Quest XS.

Specifications / options:

  • New price from 20/05/2015: 8151,- €
  • Carbon version
  • Tilbeugel / Handle
  • 2de koplamp / 2nd front light
  • 2de spiegel / 2nd mirror
  • Trekhaak / trailer hitch
  • Extra LED strip
  • GoPro mount
  • Suitable for riders up to about 1.78m only.

Km: 27.000 (est.)

Price: 3400,- €

Optical damage:

Right in the middle of its maiden trip this Quest hit a pedestrian. This has caused many but non-structural cracks, that were fixed by the owner with simple putty. It has been ridden like this ever since.

To repair the cracks with carbon from the inside we estimate a cost of 300,- € at Fietser, a complete paint job would be another 1000- €.

Technical condition:

Overall quite good, as to be expected from a reasonably maintained commuter, but a little neglected lately. It hasn't been used for some years now, perhaps a new chain would be nice to have. Cheap Decathlon kiddybike tires in front, for some reason. Those could be replaced as well.
Three working 12V batteries. Lights aren't working for now, we have to look into that.

Great beginners' bike:

I think this is a perfect bike for a cycle commuter on a budget. After gaining some experience in traffic you can invest in the paint job and have a flawless, fresh, fast carbon Quest for around 5000,- €. Or just appreciate the ratty look :-).

 More pictures after the break: