zondag 5 augustus 2018

Private sale: eWAW WAW4: WAW219 700 km! (Sold)

Nearly New WAW4!
700 real kms.

This eWAW was bought as a long distance commuter but was rarely used. This is why:

Every morning, a heartbreaking choice. Too often, the Alfa C4 won.

Full on-board electrics with optional daylight running lights
Rohloff 14sp gearing
Fietser.be e-assist (Bafang)
Battery:not included.
New battery: custom. e.g.
   360Wh: 452 € (standard for eWAW as acceleration assist)
   612 Wh: 689 € (heavy commuting full electric)
New price 10/2014: 10.105 €
Now: 6500 €

More pics: