woensdag 20 september 2017

Private sale: WAW218 with acceleration assist (Sold)

A nice clean WAW, hardly used. 

This WAW has the acceleration assist we used to build before the Bafang-based motor, so with a Cyclone motor. This system is particularly suited for acceleration aid, less so for continuous assist. 
While the current full-blown bio-electric hybrids are rather geared towards daily long distance commuting, this setup is perfect for human powered long distance cycling - with occasional uphill and warm-up assist, . 

Hence it has a wide range 9sp (11-36t) derailleur gearing and slick tires. The battery is a recent 24V lithium ferrophosphate battery, 15Ah. So it's perfect for touring and traveling long distance. For commuting a set of puncture-resistant front tires would be adviseable, rear Marathon Supreme is good.

Sold due to eternal roadworks in Antwerp, B.

Detailed specifications: WAW Configurator WAW218

Asking price: 6300,- € all in. (VAT non deductible)