woensdag 4 januari 2017

Te Koop / For Sale: RAW III (WAW086) (SOLD!)


This is a fantastic barn find: a rare and wonderful RAW: ultralight yet in Kevlar so it's perfect for long distance touring with the safety of a WAW. Hydraulic disk brakes, ultralight components for the steering and suspension, 10sp Dura Ace group, ...

 I may be biased a little but this is the prettiest velomobile in existence, and possibly the most efficient as well.
Tektro symmetrical hydraulic disk brakes. Aluminium suspension.
 Ultralight laminate, carbon and aluminium steering.

Built in Belgium by our master builder Ben himself. The texture, feel and sound of the composite is unique.
As you can see, this RAW is practically unused. The owner bought it to alleviate a back problem but his health deteriorated and he never got around to training in it. She's still on her first set of Kojaks so I estimate she's done 1-3000 km only. Absolutely flawless.

However fresh it is, due to its age the price is set to 5300 €. Even if a current WAW4 could be built as light and responsive, with these specs it would cost at least 10.000 €. If I were to ride only one velomobile, this is the one I would have wanted when I was 15 years younger. With disk brakes and an expensive transmission and ultralight structure, this velo isn't made for the commuting grunt work, but rather for fast touring and travelling.

Originally set up for 1.89m, now +- 1.75m. 
Original specifications (2009)


Vernis op carbon MAT0,50 kg320,00 €10,5320,00 €264,46 €

S&S: aluminium rods, high precision stainless rod ends.B1,30 kg240,00 €11,3240,00 €198,35 €

S&S: ultralight mix of hollow tubes, h.p.s. rod ends.C0,80 kg500,00 €

2 x Front wheel covers Carbon0,17 kg150,00 €10,17150,00 €123,97 €

Shimano 10spd Dura-Ace Top shifter -ultegra 53/39 kapotbike 172.52,20 kg680,00 €12,2680,00 €561,98 €

CS-7800 (11-23)

Waw without pedals
-35,00 €10-35,00 €-28,93 €

Rear Tire Schwalbe Kojac 26"x1,35 / 35-559 - blazing.0,30 kg15,00 €10,315,00 €12,40 €

2 x Front Tire Schwalbe Kojac 20"x1.35 / 35-406 - current fastest.0,46 kg40,00 €10,4640,00 €33,06 €

3 x Alligt return idlers (with cog)0,18 kg0,00 €10,1770,00 €0,00 €

2 x Alligt power idlers (with cog)0,12 kg0,00 €10,1180,00 €0,00 €

Cordo Agena rear light incl holder0,09 kg0,00 €10,090,00 €0,00 €

Sigma Pro-set Powerled Black incl holders (interne batt)0,64 kg80,00 €21,28160,00 €132,23 €

0,00 €100,00 €0,00 €

2x Mirrors Busch & Müller Cycle Star 901 (long)
0,00 €100,00 €0,00 €

Shimano WH817122 (32spokes)1,20 kg40,00 €11,240,00 €33,06 €

Pump Topeak Mountain Morph0,25 kg35,00 €10,2535,00 €28,93 €

Tools Kit: Topeak Super chain tool + Allen keys Toolbar + wr. 10/130,13 kg38,50 €10,1338,50 €31,82 €

airzound0,20 kg25,00 €10,225,00 €20,66 €

Total price with 21% VAT8.158,50 €7.342,65 €