woensdag 4 januari 2017

For Sale / Te Koop: WAW150 Rohloff 3.999 € + VAT (Sold)

[edit: now the first WAW in N-Ireland, congrats Keith!]

We refurbished this Rohloff WAW with a new 12V integrated lighting system. New Philips Saferide 80 lux, LED rear lights and indicators, extra light mount for redundant strobe light.

Approximately 10.000 km, we don't know for sure.

This WAW150 was bought (exceptionally) by us from an upgrading customer in an exchange scheme. We refurbished it completely as a long term loaner but we now have a recent WAW4 for that. 

This has an important consequence: VAT is deductible for Belgian or European companies.

New Kevlar nose / shock absorber, original one was damaged.  This is a good solid WAW for a starter. The initial cost is low, after a year of learning it can be repainted.

The Rohloff is the best transmission to fit a new Fietser.be e-assist (+- 1850 €), now or later.
WAW canopy (with  new visor) and cover.
Two Colour paint job.
Interior clad in acoustic felt.
Rohloff Speedhub 14sp.
ICE soft neck rest.
Integrated lighting: 
  • daylight driving lights in mirrors, 
  • LED rear lights, 
  • indicators, 
  • Philips Saferide front light. 
  • 12V 70Wh battery (WAW, Orca) and charger.
New price: 9200 € November 2012
Now: 3999 ex VAT, 4839 € VATin.  

We can ship worldwide.