vrijdag 25 mei 2018

Private Sale: WAW177 < 1000 km, 4700,- € (Sold)

 A WAW with (a) little history:

After a number of meetings at Spezi, the owner drove home, 170 km... then fell seriously ill. He always kept it in a rental garage hoping to get better and ride his dream machine again but alas... it only got worse and now he trusts us to find a new, and luckier, owner.
... The illness was unrelated to the WAW...

Orange RAL2004



 You can see the Ventisit is new, as is the chain, tires,... The deep blue acoustic upholstering suits the Orange paintjob very well. We have ventisit bottom pads now, which would be prettier than the yellow Kevlar.

90 mm drum brakes.

Regular wide range 9sp cassette
 All new...

 The first generation Fietser.be velomobile motor, paired with a Schlumpf Mountaindrive, providing an enormous gear range (gearing down by a factor 2.5, you can climb anything with this).
Schlumpf and Motor are in mint condition of course, since hardly used, but the battery didn't survive the standstill. As usual we don't count older e-assists when determining the value of our trade-ins, so the motor is free. You can:
  • Use the current motor and buy any 24V battery (this is a real acceleration assist, a little too noisy for comfortable continuous use).
  • Upgrade to a contemporary velomobile motor (our velomobile motor with torque sensor and standard eWAW battery 10.4Ah,  for only 1200,- if we may adopt the Schlumpf).
  • Ride unplugged and enjoy a perfect human powered vehicle in mint condition for a reeaally fair price.
This is an opportunity, there are very few velomobiles in the world of this quality - four season riding for the price of a mean Speed Pedelec!