zaterdag 16 december 2017

Private Sale: superfast CarbonWAW WAW303, 1 Year, 7000 km: 6700 € (Sold)

This is an extremely sporty yet well equipped velomobile: very fast with its light carbon body and aero tail, yet safe enough for urban traffic with a Kevlar shock absorbing nose.

Due to its full carbon body this carbonWAW is hyperefficient (and did I mention, fast? and Yellow?) but rather spartan as well. So you can commute with it if you have reasonably good roads and a healthy spine. Which the owner hasn't.

If have always lusted for a Milan SL but need the weather protection, safety and ground clearance of a WAW, this is your chance. Lots of photo's under the break:

 MMM almost indecent.

Options and specs:
Carbon body and cockpit cover
Kevlar + Polycarbonate canopy
Aero mirror covers
Eyelet for bike lock
Carbon Aero tail
SPAI (air intake)
Streamlined front lights
Led rear light and brake light
Head rest wind deflector
70 Wh on board battery
Horn, indicators
7000 km, sept. 2016.

New price 2016: 9089 €
Now: 6700 €