vrijdag 30 juni 2017

Hase Pino upgrade from hydraulic disk brakes to Oversized Rotor with Large Displacement Piston claw.

As the practical cyclist knows: disk brakes are diabolic. They're the devil's ruse against cycling. If the upright citizen is scared out of cycling by threats of mandatory cycling helmets, the gullible geek is lured by the ill-deserved hi-tech ring of the rotor.
In reality however - be it a bunch of dogs thrown on your precious trike on the roof of a Nepali bus, or just parking your fancy bike in town - these damned flimsy rotors can never stay straight, and if they do it's the claws locking up for no good reason while all you want is to calmly commute.

Zing, zing, you got disk-braked! 

One way to improve on disk brakes would be to safely wrap them in a sturdy case. Like, the hub...
Or one could enlarge the diameter of the rotor to the maximum wheel circumference. Wait, that's the rim. And the brake pads could retract far enough to avoid that Ring of the Rotor. Magura brake pistons, for instance.

This customer was tired of the constant misery with his disk brakes. He had been immobilised by a locked up front disk brake too many times, inducing many a visit in vain to the Local Recumbent Shop. We proposed to do away with the disks and upgrade to good reliable Magura HS11 hydraulic brakes.

We had to turn special brake bosses on the lathe to fit the M8 holes in this Spinner sprung fork.