maandag 13 oktober 2014

Urban and long distance commuting.

An Airnimal Rhino, custom built up with our favourite Bafang motor and Rohloff geared hub....
We milled out the bottle battery to fit in behind the head tube.
Good road tires made a big difference at 35 km/h.
It's a small bike but I did some test riding. It gets closer to the definition of light urban mobility: electric (and fast!), enormous suspension on top of room for good balloon tires, and still light and nimble to ride and fold. Looks cool too IMHO.
The orange WAW219 in the background has the same transmission setup (Bafang + Rohloff), but for exactly the opposite use: long distance, year round ecommuting (80 km roundtrip).
Some features:
4 season WAW canopy with magnetic latches and acoustic felt lining (= excellent ambience with a decent bluetooth stereo like the Bose Soundlink)
3 x 1W LED daylight running lights
6W high beam with capped light cone
1W rear light + 3W brake light
5W turn signals
Bafang bracket motor programmable for velomobile use
Foldaway Lcd display and controls
400 Wh li-ion battery
Rohloff 14 sp geared rear hub
Marathon plus tires
Price: same as a set of alloy wheels on an equivalent fossil car... I know, we're mad.
More about this ultimate commuting  monster later on.